Monday, October 15, 2007

Back in the Saddle, or What I Did On My Wedding Vacation

That is right, precious readers, I am back with a new last name, a slight tan, and an extra 8 pounds. WooHoo Florida!

Coming back from my wedding, I realize I am in love.

Hmmm? With Jason? Well, yeah, but that is not what I meant. I am married now. No more of that romantic crap.

I am in love with gorgeous beaches containing sand as fine as baker’s sugar and water so salty you shouldn’t have to season any of the creatures that come out of it.

I am in love with my sisters and mother who basically cared for my daughter for two weeks to let me have a vacation. And also still made her sign “please” whenever she wanted something.

I am in love with said daughter, who ran around in as little clothes as possible, knocked down every sand castle, and was basically the cutest thing you have ever seen.

I am in love with discount stores, like TJ Maxx, where I got a full set of designer bedding, new down-alternative duvet included, for less than $150. We have no such creatures here in the frozen tundra.

I am in love with the Seattle airport, where they have a room just for toddlers, with big, rubbery toys to climb all over during 4 hour layovers between 5 hour flights. And also a fabulous food court.

I am in love with all the people at my wedding who took tons of pictures because our camera broke two days before the wedding, and we didn’t want a professional photographer. I will love them even more if they remember to send them to me.

And I guess I am in love with Jason, too, who wore a straw cowboy hat and aviator sunglasses the whole trip; who did not question the mountains of bags brought home from shopping trips with my sisters; who never failed to pick up a check; who wrote his vows to include lyrics from the BeeGees and Dido, chose Peter Gabriel for our wedding song, and cried during the father daughter dance.

Next time: Things I Don’t Love, or What To Do When Black Flies Will Not Stop Biting Your Ankles During Your Wedding Ceremony.


Jennie said...

You're back! Hooray!

Congratulations. I am so happy for you and yours.

And that picture is BREATHTAKING. Remind me, where did you get hitched?

Rebecca is fabulous said...

Panama City Beach, Florida...the promise land....

Rimarama said...

Congratulations and welcome back! I'm glad your wedding and vacation was fantabulous. I am absolutely dying to see wedding photos, my dear.

skiplovey said...

First of all - Congrats!
Second, welcome back!
Can't wait to see the photos, I'm sure they're fabulous ; )

Sabrina said...

Congratulations and welcome home!

Unnaturally Blonde said...

Congratulations! It's always so hard to come back from a trip like that! That's the most beautiful picture! You must post more! We need to see things like that as it gets colder and colder here!

the Girls' Moma said...

Been waiting for you to return! Hope you are able to settle back into real life with as little withdrawal as possible!

And the Seattle airport! It's our home airport so we're usually heading out of the airport when we see the play area. But we did stop and play there once when our ride was running late. Pretty cool!

Jennifer said...

Congrats and welcome back! I hope you get lots of good wedding photos and I also hope you share!

NG said...


Anonymous said...

Welcome back and congratulations. Can't wait to see the photos.