Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fabulous Is Easy

TADA!!! My first Fashion Passion Column!!! Thank you, Crystal, for the question!!!! (Please note my camera is still broken and thusly, I had to employ my Paint Program.)

Okay, I would like advice or suggestions on hair scarves. (Is that what they're called? Shows up fashionable I am.) I have long, curly hair and own one scarfy thing but I think it is too thin to contain my head of hair. Also, when I tie it at the base of my head it always meanders on up and ends up falling off and making me look more disheveled than when I started. Wanna bite on that one??

Dearest Darling Crystal, you are one of the lucky ones in this category. Curly hair is thicker by nature, and can hold its own next to a scarf. Don't be afraid to try bright colours and bold patterns.
On the whole, though, scarves are tough. They generally fall into two categories: Biker Chic and Rhoda.

I personally wear Biker Chic quite a bit. This is not something to wear to the office, mind you, but if you are running errands, doing housework, or hiking and would like to keep your hair back, this is perfect.

You use bandana that looks like this, available at any fine discount retailer:
There is only one acceptable way to wear it if you are planning to see someone other than your immediate family:
folded into a wide headband and accompanying a bun/ponytail.
NOT folded in half diagonally and worn like a Hell’s Angel.
Because this will ALWAYS make you look like a pirate. It doesn’t matter how beautiful you are. YOU WILL ALWAYS LOOK LIKE A PIRATE. If you are a pirate, then go right ahead.

Rhoda is a lovely, lovely way to show the world your bohemian side. (Think Rhoda Morganstern. Yes, THAT Rhoda) This is acceptable for the workplace, and anyplace short of the symphony.
Generally, this is performed with a longer, narrow scarf.
Wearing your hair down with this is completely acceptable, and will help to keep it in place. While your hair is up (which is an adorable look), however, it is going to slip and slide. I wish there were a foolproof remedy, such as hair spraying the scarf before you put it on. Unfortunately, it would have to be glue strength, and I DO NOT recommend that.

Instead, I usually fasten bobby pins in a inconspicuous place, like behind my ears; I put one going forward and one going back. It works fairly well, especially if you tie it a bit looser.
A la Bardot is another option.
See that space in front of the poof? Put the top of the scarf there. It will stay in place pretty darn well. And yes, you can pull it off. This look is pretty darn universally attractive.

And always remember to pair a headscarf with sunglasses when trying to pull off a caper...


Anonymous said...

I love your little pirate drawing!

Ash said...

Yes, yes scarves are lovely, HOWEVER!


GET TO POSTING!I know you have them!

Crystal said...

I really don't want to be a pirate--I've got enough problems--so I will listen to you. Thanks for the awesome post. I will see if I can pull off any of the looks, and will send you a picture.