Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Million Dollar Baby

I know I promised wedding talk, but I got something else on my mind, ya’ll.

Ash has been having trouble with her daughter’s kindergarten bully. She is struggling with what to tell her daughter to do when someone is mean to her. This is making me think of my own daughter.

When Violet moved up to the toddler room, there was a little boy who kept biting her, ramming toys into her, and trying to pull off her pants. I know this is normal toddler behavior, but it still made me mad.

Violet bit him back. Hard.

She got written up, and received a lecture about being nice to others.
But you know what? I am proud of her.

I don’t want my daughter to be mean. I don’t want her to lash out for no reason. But if someone attacks her physically or emotionally, I want her to fight back. I want her to know she is strong and does not have to put up with abuse.

An alarming and unacceptable amount of my girlfriends have been in abusive relationships. This is not right. We need to be teaching our daughters that they are too good, too lovely, and too precious to withstand punishment. I don’t want my daughter to be stuck in a job where she is taken advantage of, like I am. Or in a relationship where she is made to believe she deserves abuse, like my best friend was.

Kick, Violet. Kick, scream, bite, punch, demolish.

I can handle a few detentions.


Ash said...

Hey Mrs. Jason,

How doth it feel to be married?
Thanks for thinking about my posting. I did finally tell Lei that if he so much as breathes wrong in her direction to just let him have it. I'm not going to have my daughters growing up in a world where its ok to demean themselves or let anyone else do it either.

Ash said...

um, excuse me, but why are there no pictures up here? I WANT TO SEE THE DRESS AND I WANT TO SEE IT NOW!

the Girls' Moma said...

Yeah, I agree with Ash -- it's not so much the wedding TALK that we want. It's the wedding pictures.

So get crackin'!

Rebecca is fabulous said...

ok, people! Nobody has sent them to me yet! Soon, I promise!

Unnaturally Blonde said...

You are exactly right, I totally agree. It's one thing to pick fights, but when someone hurts you there is only one thing to do, defend yourself. Good girl!