Friday, October 26, 2007


Idea totally stolen from Jennie...

I have two best friends.

I met Jen (Jenny Jenny Jen Jen) when we were assigned as roommates at the University of Alaska Anchorage. We both played shy for the first couple of weeks, then completely and irrevocably bonded over root beer floats and a cardboard cutout of Elvis. She has seen me through countless relationships and their subsequent break-ups; we laughed so hard we cried and cried so hard we laughed.
There have been times when we didn't speak for months. Not because we were angry, but because our lives were meandering down their own paths. But each time we got back in touch, it was like there was no separation. We expected (and received) total straight talk from each other, no matter how disheartening it was. And nothing ever seemed insurmountable, because we each know the other will be there.
Jen is a single mom. Her sweetheart of a son was born with a hole in his heart. He had surgery and is now healthy as the proverbial horse. Violet calls him "Boy" and cannot resist slathering him with kisses every time he comes over. She has been through so much, but has come out of it on top.
She started practicum for Nursing this week. The Boy comes over in the mornings at 5:30 so she can be to the hospital on time. This is the least I can give to her to show her how proud I am to be her best friend.

I met Alison (the incomparable Miss Ali) when I worked for the State of Alaska. She trained me, and we soon bonded over The Office. Before long, we had a standing weekly date to watch the show and fawn over Violet Lynn.
Ali met Violet when she was about 3 months old. Though she is not a baby person (by her own admission), she jumped headfirst into a role of fairy godmother. Violet adores her and her golden hair; Ali always jumps at the chance to babysit. Now, Ali doesn't leave our house without a big kiss from the baby girl.
She was my biggest cheerleader (outside of Jason) during my bad days with PPD. She was sitting on the couch beside me when I realized that THAT was what was wrong with me, and I COULD get help. She has always had a sweet word and big smile.
She is one of the most cynically hilarious people I have ever met. She and Jason have matching personalities, and she has really been influential in drawing him out of anti-social JasonWorld.
I was able to give her some support when her marriage was having issues. This is the least I can do to show her how much she has meant to me.

These girls are the ones who save me from myself. I cannot and do not want to imagine life without them.


She Likes Purple said...

We're both lucky women. I'm seeing Natalie tonight for dinner.

Rimarama said...

They both sound awesome. I'm sure they feel the same about you!

Jennifer said...

Becca Boo,
I have to get the internet if only to pay more attention to your blogs. You are way too sweet and also totally hilarious! I hope you know that. I cannot imagine myself in a life without you...I don't know how I ever got by before you "moved" into my life. I love you more than I could ever say, and I want you to know that having you as a friend is like being given a precious treasure ...and knowing that I get to keep it forever!