Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Letter to Myself as a Teenager...

Thanks to Amy for the challenge...

Dear Teen Me,

You. Are. Fabulous.

I am proud of you. You are wonderful and friendly; you do not distinguish between the jock and the geek. In fact, you know that you will get more satisfaction out of dating the geek. You are smart, and your grades reflect that. You are fun, and your friendships reflect that. You are brave, and your theatre work reflects that. I would change nothing about you.

Remember that you are loved. Though you may sometimes not understand the ways your parents show their love, it is pure. One day, you will have a daughter, and you will know there is nothing sweeter or stronger than a parent’s love for their child.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you are a disappointment. Every experience you have will lead you to the person you are meant to be. Failing is a big part of that. Don’t be afraid; rather, don’t let your fear stop you from doing something risky. This will result in you moving far away and meeting your soulmate; this will result in you knowing the best love there is.

Fall in love. Yes, it hurts. Yes, you will have your heart broken. 4 times, as a matter of fact. This only makes the REAL THING that much sweeter. This also may result in you finding the job you are meant to have.

Don’t throw away your poetry. It may not be great, but Older You will miss having that glimpse into your mind. And, honestly, it is pretty good.

Pink is your power color. Yes, you look good in red; however, there is hardly anything you can’t have when you are wearing pink. It matches your aura.

I am not going to warn you against anything. I am not going to tell you what decisions not to make. You must make your mistakes to become the woman you are meant to be. I will only tell you that you will be happy. And remember - no matter what happens, the pendulum always swings back.

Oh, yeah, don’t throw away your chunky black loafers. They are back in this season and I can’t find a pair anywhere.

The Amazing Person You Will Become


Momrepus said...

I really enjoy the pendulum reference--great advice for angsty teens. This reminds me of my own teen years a bit.

Miss said...

Great post!! I love the shoe tip!

Rimarama said...

Re-Fab, I love this post. You are such a positive, exuberant person. I wish I DID know you back in the day.

And ditto what Miss said about the shoe tip. I am hoarding my chunky shoes.

Loralee Choate said...

This is a great idea. I would write a letter to my teen self but I am afraid it would be full of desperate pleas to stop perming my hair.

Veronica Mitchell said...

Love the last line.

skiplovey said...

What a great letter, so much love. You are fabulous!

the Girls' Moma said...

I keep thinking about this post- -seriously, it is haunting me. I wouldn't write such a nice letter to my teenage self. I'd yell and be horrible to her -- "Get your head out of your rear and look around! You have so much to learn!"

You were much nicer.