Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bad Blogger! Bad! No, No, No!

I have only posted once this week.

Oops. Sorry, guys!!

I have been crazy busy, I have been unfocused, I am trying to get everything done for a wedding 3,000 miles away and realizing that there is not much I can do. And Violet has (another) ear infection.

So...thank you, Rima, for making me a Nice Matters blogger. It really means so much to me, I teared up a little when I read your blog. I promise to pass it on soon.

And Jennie, I will answer your questions soon as well. And they are gonna ROCK SO HARD your eyes will melt.

I will be back and Fabulous again as soon as I can hear something other than the BUZZ of un-focus-ey-ness inside my head.

Ciao! (she said in a completely tacky and pretentious way.)
Don't hate my mama cause she forgets to post! Look at how cute I am! Doesn't she deserve some slack since she makes such gorgeous kids?!?


Jennie said...

If that kid wasn't so dang adorable...

We love you! Take your time and do whatever you need to calm the buzz.

The Internet will be here when you get back :)

the Girls' Moma said...

I just wanna know if you mailed your wedding invitations yet.

Rebecca is fabulous said...

YES! I got them out two weekends ago. I have even gotten an RSVP back. Of course, they only got out because my best friend sat me down and wouldn't let me play till I got them done. The we went shopping! :)

Anonymous said...

I think your absence is pretty understandable considering. But you better blog some gorgeous wedding photos for us after the big event.

My name is Rima. said...

You don't need no excuses, Re-Fab! (can I call you Re-Fab?) We love you and will wait patiently for your next post because you are worth it and, dammit, people like you! And you have a super-cute kid.

I want to see many, many wedding pics, too!

Ash said...

Nope. no slack cutting here!

Alex Elliot said...

Me three on the wedding pics!

Anonymous said...

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