Thursday, August 30, 2007

Goin' to the Chapel...

My Google Countdown tells me that there is 37 days till my wedding.

Can I get a holla?!?!

Plans are in full swing. The invitations are still sitting on my desk, but we won’t talk about that.
We are having a tiny beach wedding. I am expecting about 25 people as a high estimate. Everyone will be barefoot, and they will be sitting on beach chairs or towels. We are having a barbecue for the reception, and my dad will be performing the ceremony. I plan to ask both my parents to walk me down the aisle.
With the exception of my two best friends(who I understand can’t make it, and it is ok, I promise, it really is, you two better just give me one kickin’ bachelorette party), everyone I love will be there.
I promise to post lots and lots of pictures. For now, here are a couple of my angel baby to tide you over.

I can’t wait!

"You got out the camera, Ma, you must deal with the hammy consequences!!!"


Type (little) a said...

Beach wedding!!


(i thought you lived in alaska?) (i mean i know there are beaches there, but barefoot in october beaches? really?)

Rebecca is fabulous said...

lol...ok, people, we are going to my ma's in Florida for the wedding...even my abject fabulousity cannot pull off barefoot in October...though my best friend did get married ont he beach in alaska in february...she may be crazy, though... :)

My name is Rima. said...

I was going to ask the same thing about the barefoot on the beach in October thing. I was starting to think that I really had some misinformation about Alaska. Then again, I was also like "OMG! They have Micheal's Crafts over there, too!!!!" (one of your previous posts.)Dork is me.

But Whoooooooo-hoooooooooooo! You're getting married in 37 days! Fabulous!

Ash said...


I'm sure you will be a most beautious bride, and will Violet be a precious flower girl?

And 'scuse me, but did you say you are getting married in Fl? Because, I live here, in florida, you know, Old people capitol of the WORLD and I did not get an invite! (because it's sitting on your desk?)

Seriously, where here?

Anonymous said...

How exciting! Will we get to see some pictures when the time comes?

the Girls' Moma said...

If you really already know who's coming and who's not, are the invitations really that necessary? I mean, seriously. There are way better things you could be spending time on.

Like this kickin' bachelorette party... let's hear more about THAT!


Jennie said...


I feel so lame even typing that!

Tere said...


Your wedding sounds exactly like the one I planned. Somehow, I ended up in a church hall with 400 people, but I won't split hairs over it...

Crystal said...

Congratulations! Maybe you will inspire me to get on the ball.

I hope it is wonderful, relaxing, exciting, and hollarific.