Monday, August 27, 2007

Pumpkin Musings

Here in the Great North, Fall comes a bit early. While the rest of the country is getting their last dregs of summer, we are enjoying (and I use that term loosely) leaves changing colors, crisp sweater weather, and rainy days.
Luckily, I adore the fall. I adore the orange palette, the crisp air, the pumpkins and the gourds, the crisp rustle of dried leaves across the sidewalk.
Whenever I imagine my dream home, I picture it in October. The street is canopied with the same orange and yellow leaves that blanket the front yards. There is a hint of smoke in the air from some neighbor burning his share. There are jack-o-lanterns on the stoops, decorated by the children running wild around the block, savoring the sweet freedom of that space after school ends and before dinner is called.
In my current home, we refer to it as the beginning of “decorative towel season”, those months when the towels hanging from the oven door and the rack in the guest bath are only to be touched in case of dire emergency. (read: in the span of time it takes to get from the closet and back, blood loss will result in death.)
This fall, there are a lot of things to look forward to. I will officially be a married woman by mid-October. My daughter is gorgeous and smart and huge; this will be her first real interactive Halloween. This is also the first year we have not been living paycheck to paycheck, hoping fervently that we will have enough money to get groceries. I am not entirely used to it yet, but I am having fun in the meantime.
So, here is to the new season. I hope yours is as good as I intend mine to be.


My name is Rima. said...

Awww . . . you make me want to get out my pumpkin applique sweater! (Just kidding, I don't own one of those.) But I do know what you mean about October. I love it, too! But it's funny, I've never pictured a colorful Alaska autumn before. Thanks for educating me. You'll have to post some pics!

Jenna said...

I love the Fall, and October especially (well, how could you NOT love the month you were born in?). It truly is my most favorite time of year. I think you will look forward to this time of year even more after your wedding - just more and more happy memories.

Jennie said...

Oh this makes me wish I lived somewhere other than Texas. I'll be in short sleeves during Thanksgiving, quite possibly, but I just love me a cute sweater.

Ash said...

Woooooooo! Married! yes to that.
Woooo to halloween, This is like, so my favorite holiday, although this year, my mil managed to ruin that for me.
Wooo, Autumn! We only have two seasons here in florida 1) Damn fucking hot and 2) Hurricane. Though I was raised in pa, so I do know what seasons are.

I have added you to my blogroll, because Rebecca? is like so fabulous!

Alex Elliot said...

Fall is also my favorite season. I love how the air is crisp and there's a feeling of excitment for the year to come. The latter part definitely is from being a child and being excited about the new school year.