Thursday, August 23, 2007

Good Mornin'

Rebecca: Did you know that you are the cutest girl in the whole world?
Violet: Yup!

Getting Violet ready for "school" in the morning is my favorite time of day. My princess is a morning baby, always has been. She gets up with a sleepy happy huge grin on her face, and starts babbling, reaching for her clothes, leaning out my arms to shut off her light on the way to my room.

When we get there, I put her in the bed with Jason, where she crawls up and lays on his pillow-the only way I have found that wakes him up in a good mood. (well, the only pg-rated way.) She lays there with him and they chat while I change her diapers and get her dressed. I comb her hair and put it up, then she is off to explore my closet, my make-up, her toy basket until daddy puts her shoes on.

Jason takes her to daycare. As I head out ahead of them, I ask for mama kisses, and she obliges with a loud "MMWWA!" She waves bye bye and blows me kisses until she can't see me anymore.

How did I ever live without her?


Angella said...

Sweet post :)

Anonymous said...

So sweet! I really look forward to that age. Although he is pretty darn fun now.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

So sweet...I found your blog through AshinWonderland. Your daughters so cute! The blowing kisses reminded me of mine, she's just over 2 years old and I don't have a clue how we ever lived without her either!

My name is Rima. said...

Your mornings sound a lot nicer than mine (I try to hide from my kids).

Crystal said...

I want a sweet kiss-blowing morning baby. Melia and I are both grouches--even when we don't get up until 8:30.