Monday, August 20, 2007

Drab is Fab

Fashion has caught up with itself, and now the clothes I remember from the early 90’s are making a comeback. The stores are full of shapeless dresses and thick colors. The question is, how can a truly fabulous Big Girl wear these clothes without feeling like an elephant?
As with all things, we must take it in moderation.
Trapeze necklines are huge, enormous, voluminous this season. Though you will be walking through the store, say Old Navy, and be tempted by something like this, resist!
Instead, continue on down the mall to Torrid, and try for a top as opposed to a dress. This jacket or this shirt are both lovely options, and also fit in with the deep tones of the fall.
“But, Rebecca,” you may say, “why would they make it in my size if it wouldn’t look wonderful?”


They really shouldn’t. But they also shouldn’t still sell tapered jeans a la 1997, or Cosby sweaters, or alcohol based hair products…but they do. We must do our part by resisting.

Old Navy does do some things right, though, such as this little number that I just ADORE. Great saturated color, great shape, kimono sleeves and single large button: this is the epitome of this season. Feel free to drool along. I got this sweater in grey and oh my god, this is the most comfortable shirt in my current wardrobe. Buy it. Wear it. Love it.
Also at Torrid…check out the Into the Woods collection, which has some lovely items, including this dress that I didn’t even want to show you because I want it so bad…

Live in a warmer climate, but still yearning for the yellow and brown color palette of the fall? Try this adorable shirt from

For outerwear this season, try pea coats with interesting details. For example, this one from is made of looped fleece, and therefore much softer that the usual wool. The shape will still be structured, but not quite as militant as the norm.
There is also this lovely lovely plaid mini trench from Torrid that I want to marry. Stupid laws…
And finally, try out some plus calf boots this fall. has a lovely, large selection with sizes from 7 to 14 in widths from M to WW. My favorite is this riding boot in chocolate brown. Embrace the flat boot! Give your feet a break from heels while you can!
Enjoy the brown this fall. And remember, you don’t have to be thin to be fabulous!


My name is Rima. said...

I think we totally have the same taste in fashion, Rebecca! What IS with those flippin' tapered jeans, anyway? They don't even look good on Gwyneth. Thanks for the fall fashion spread :)

Skiplovey said...

Funny! I kinda feel your pain except I'm short (and skinny but don't hold that against me.) Clothes for tall people should be totally different than clothes for short people but for some reason designers get all lazy and make something for a tall skinny person and then the clothing line thinks that they can just make it whatever size they want and it will still look good. No Way. Tall clothes on a short gal just makes her look... shorter. And kinda outta shape too for some reason. Anyway I'm right there with you girl.

Rebecca is fabulous said...

I don't hold anyone's size against them...I just want people to be happy with who they are...and I have to agree about the short thing...A friend of mine in high school was a size 0, only 4'11" and could hardly ever find clothes that didn't make her look like a kid...

rochelle said...

I'm not exactly skinny, and can relate to so much about what you said! People need to know what works for them. So much out there does not work for my post-baby body. Flaunt my curves? Only the ones that are where they should be! There is also a dearth of choices for those of us between 25-50, and who aren't size 6. Because of how my body holds it's weight, I have a hard time in regular stores, and I can't shop at the cool plus-size stores. I just keep looking around, and will randomly find things that are cool, fashionable, fit my age, and don't make me look like a freak! Thanks for the ideas!

Ash said...

Skiplovey, I feel your pain. Why do all of my jeans have four inches of extra at the bottom? And seriously, why do they put the smallest sizes at the top? WTH?

Great List Rebecca, I loved those boots and that one sweater was freaking awesome. I'd buy it, but in south florida, where it's perpetual summer, sweaters are pretty pointless.