Friday, August 17, 2007

I don't know what a Meme is, but here it goes anyways...

stolen from lizarita...

Hi, my name is: Rebecca
but u can call me: Fab-U-lous!! Just kidding. How about Becca?
Never in my life have I: gotten paid for something i loved. It is always just jobs that can support my non-paying hobbies.
The one person who can drive me nuts is: Jason
Second place goes to: my brother
My high school was: Canadian
When I’m nervous: I chew on my hair. i know, gross. and possibly damaging to my lovely head of gorgeous hair.
The last song I listened to was: I Have a Theory from the Buffy Musical Soundtrack.
If I were to get married right now, my maid of honor would be: Both of my sisters. Who actually are my maids of honour for my upcoming nuptials.
My hair is: bobbed and dark brown with gold streaks. will be changing again soon.
When I was 4: I was reading at a 2nd grade level.
Last Christmas: I was sad. I wasn't diagnosed with PPD until late January.
I should be: working.
When I look down I see: My toenails. Which are painted Sinful Apple.
The happiest recent event was: Violet saying "kica" (kitty cat) then "eeow" (meow)
If I were a character on ‘Friends’ I’d be: slightly neurotic but ultimately cool,living in a rent controlled apartment and surrounded by other neurotic but ultimately cool city dwellers.
By this time next year: I'd like to have my real estate license.
My current gripe is: my wisdom teeth are trying to break free on the bottom...
I have a hard time understanding: computer games.
If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be: Jason
I want to buy: a house. and a ford focus 5 door. and a closet organizer. and so many clothes it could choke a donkey.
If you visited the place I was born: you would hear banjo music and squealing pigs.
Where do you plan to visit: my mom's.
If you spent the night at my house: you would stay up all night watching some of our vast dvd collection and drinking wine, then get up noonish for a lovely homemade breakfast feast. but you would have to sleep on an air mattress in the baby's room.
The world could do without: haters
Most recent thing I’ve bought myself: hair bleach. And smokey gray eyeliner.
Most recent thing someone else bought me: Jason bought me cheesy tots. does that count?
Out of my friends, my favorite blonde is: TIE! Not my fault both best friends have blonde hair. so it is Jen and Alison. Jalison.
My favorite brunette is: my sister Bethany.
My favorite black hair is: My sister Mandie.
My favorite red head is: My Ma
My middle name is: Lynn. Same as my mother and my daughter.
In the morning I: am going to watch cartoons with my daughter.
Last night I was:not sleeping cause i was mentally planning my wedding.
The most important thing to me: My family.
If I was an animal I’d be a:(n) elephant. Laid back and takin' it easy.
A better name for me would be: Diva
Tomorrow I am: going shopping with Jen and her Hayden and my Violet...we luuuuv to shop...
Tonight I am: Cleaning with Jason, maybe watching a movie, mooning over my beautiful child...
My birthday is: February 1st. And i am SUCH an aquarius.


Lizarita said...

I love it when folks do tha meme's! And I may be funny, but YOU, sister, are FABULOUS!

NG said...

Loved the Once More with Feeling reference... my daughter can now sing the entire I Have a Theory song, complete with Bunnies breakout. Should 3 year olds be using the word "apocalypse"? Hmmm...

georgia said...

I'm stealing this quiz! Thanks!
Also, love your blog!
(What's with all the exclamation points?)