Monday, November 5, 2007


Last night, Jason’s cell phone rang at 11:50. PM.
As I stumbled through the house to find it, I anxiously debated in my head who it might be. My mother? Did my dad finally have a heart attack? No, she would have called my phone. Ali? Did she throw her husband off the balcony? I don’t know if she has my number in her new phone, but she did call Jason before, so that could be…

Me: He-hello???

Stranger Calling To Bother Me At Midnight: Hello, I am calling about the online ad.

Me: (Stunned Silence) um…What?!?

SCTBMAM: The ad about the Nissan for sale.

Me: It is midnight.

SCTBMAM: Oh, I’m sorry, is it too late to call? I am sorry to bother you.

Me: Um, yeah, just call back tomorrow. (Hang Up)

Me: Jason, if that idiot calls tomorrow, jack the price up a couple hundred bucks.

NABloPoMo Day 5!!!


Ash said...

Dude, jack it up by a thousand. WHO THE HELL CALLS AT MIDNIGHT? JESUS!

Tom and I are such grouchies, if the phone rings past nine we start grumpling about "who the hell would be calling at this hour? Someone better be dead!''

Yeah, might be an old geezer at the age of 23.

She Likes Purple said...

Crazy midnight caller. Seriously, the older I get the earlier it gets to be inappropriate to call. Right now it's teetering around 8:30.

the Girls' Moma said...

I love your response. "It is midnight."

Classic! And so much nicer than I would have been!