Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Goodbye, Yellow Brick Blog

My Blogging Life started the same as a lot of other mommybloggers: through reading a beautiful pink blog.

Amy truly is Queen of Everything to us. You laugh through an entire post; thinking, " This happened to me the other day, and you know what, it is hilarious!" Or you read of her son's therapy and doctor's appointments and cry as you send as many good thoughts as you can her way. She is the original RockStar, and if I wasn't so sure I would COMPLETELY HUMILIATE myself in some devastating way, I would rather meet her than anyone. Even Oprah. (gasp!)

Amy has this little blog called Mom's Daily Dose. She fills it with links to other blogger's posts that she deems worthy. The day she linked to my blog, my hits went from hundreds to thousands. She has THAT kind of power.

Mom's Daily Dose had its last post today. This, for me, is like selling your first car. My experience being Dosed was a confirmation; it was realizing that there are people out there who see what I have to say. People who will get a little ole' piece of my own personal opinion. This was truly the 4th proudest day of my life.

Goodbye, Mom's Daily Dose. You gave me the courage to write, the heart to bare it, the brains to be my own voice, and you made the blogosphere feel like home.


She Likes Purple said...

What a really, really nice tribute. I couldn't agree more.

Ash said...

I'm going to miss it, but at least amalah.com is still up and running