Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Jason is a computer nerd.
If given the choice, he would play first person shooter games from dusk till dawn. However, when I was pregnant, the very sound of the game would make me vomit. All those footsteps...clip, clop, clip, clop, clip, clop...blech. even the thought of it it now still drives me insane.
But he loves me.
So when the sound got to be too much, he invested in headphones. When Violet is awake, he puts away the violent games. He instead plays with us. When I tell him I feel neglected, he doesn't play for a few days. And he always turns it off if I need something urgently, like time to Internet window shop.
The thing is, the games focus him. The residual effects of his previous life of addiction leave him with scattered thoughts, and he becomes dull and cranky when he hasn't played for a while. He is honestly a better person when he plays; it is his form a therapy.
He doesn't watch sports, he lets me control the remote, and always listens when I talk.
Game on, baby. Game on.


the Girls' Moma said...

I can understand the need for focus, the need to get out of his brain for a while. I use this computer to do the same thing, except for me it is blogging. Whether writing, editing, posting comments, or stumbling around in the blogosphere to find new writers I love. I wouldn't have survived the last seven months of my life without this distraction and place to focus.

You're very kind to oblige him. Except when there's Internet shopping to be done. That, I can understand too!

Rimarama said...

The P-dog is a gamer, too. I made the mistake of telling his family he wanted one of those gaming chairs (with subwoofer) for his birthday this year. So, even though he uses the headphones, it still sounds like armageddon in our house when he plays. Thankfully, he only plays when the kids are in bed (and I'm blogging)!

She Likes Purple said...

Mike went out last night to buy Call of Duty 4. And he played all night long. It's never excessive. Never fight-inducing. But do I ever understand this post.