Thursday, November 8, 2007


It is 40 degrees.
Since I have lived here in the great norther tundra, I haven't before seen a Halloween without snow. Now it is past Halloween, and though the sky is dark and the day is only 8 hours long, there is still no sign of snow.
Not that I am complaining; when the snow does come, it will be here until May. It is just...disorientating.
And I am wishing for the fresh, clean blanket of white that makes the dark easier to manage. This will be our last winter in Alaska, we hope to be in Florida by this time next year. I suppose I want to squeeze as much snow in as possible.
Says me now. I will be eating these words in January.


moo said...

That is one thing I miss about living in Atlanta ... we hardly ever get snow. Still, I FOR SURE don't miss shoveling and wet feet!

And, when it does snow down here, EVERYTHING closes up because O!M!G! SNOW! So that's pretty funny to this northern-born girl.

I tagged you to do a meme over at my site; I hope you don't mind. Check it out!

skiplovey said...

You're moving to Florida? Wow, that's 180 degrees different. congrats!

Nicole said...

I feel the same way. I always get excited waiting for the first snowfall and then when it arrives I'm cursing the idiot drivers on the road and wondering why I even like snow!

naechstehaltestelle said...

We've got snow here and it is so depressing. It's not the fun kind, either, just the slushy wet kind. Yuck.