Friday, April 18, 2008

The only thing I have to say about this.

I just found out about this story. (She actually faked the whole thing.)

But what I have to say is this. Taking herbs to force your body to eliminate a pregnancy is not a miscarriage. Not even close.

A miscarriage is what happens when you discovered you were pregnant, thought about your future child, bonded with it even, and then had that stripped away. It is what happens to you afterwards, the guilt and the pain and the mourning.

By even calling what she pretended to do a miscarraige is insulting.


Trinjaati said...

I agree with you. The very idea of someone doing that disguised as "art" is repulsive. I read her response to the public outrage and I sort of get what she's trying to say but she just had a jacked up way of getting her point across. Anyone that's had a miscarriage knows the pain is so much more than in the womb; it's a pain that stabs your heart to the point it takes your breath away.

MomSmoo said...

karma will be a blast if this causes her to not be able to have a child of her own in the future.

Although that might be good because she is obviously disturbed.

Ryan said...

That Yale student is a total jack-ass... Art is the expression of human creativity. Abortion is NOTHING constructive.