Thursday, February 7, 2008

I Was Thinking About Writing This Even If There Wasn't A Contest.

One of the blogs I read constantly, but am way to shy to comment at, is Oh My Stinkin Heck. A smart, funny woman who shares not only her computer wisdom, but also holds contest for beautiful prizes-she is the kind of woman I want to be. I am drooling over the charms she is giving out for her current contest, so here is my little entry.

Ash is a wonderful girl. She is sarcastic and strong, and is raising two beautiful girls to be the same way. She writes of her body image issues so beautifully and honestly.

I have always been on the big side of the Scale. Even as a thin girl, I was a bigger thin girl. I never really paused to consider that my struggle may be the healthier one. When you see a slender girl, you assume she is okay with who she is; how can she not be? She is what you want so desperately for yourself.

Ash is fighting to accept herself. Something most women can never do.

Thanks, Ash. I am right there with you. We'll climb this mountain together.


Ash said...

Rebecca, you are such a beautiful person. Thank you for your words, Thank you for your understanding, Thank you for being you.

Ash said...

Will you post something already! GAH! WRITE! SOMETHING! ELSE!

Are you alive? because I am not coming to Alaska for any other reason then a damn funeral, because dude, it's really cold where you live.

Rebecca is fabulous said...

I am here, I am here!!! Just a very very busy week. I will write very very soon, I promise!