Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Frugality Diva-Style

Most women don’t realize that you can dress like a fabulous diva without spending much money. I am on a tight budget, but always manage to look Diva-riffic. Trust me. Even when I dress the family all matchy matchy for newspaper photographers.

The holiday party season is all but over, ladies, and my mind is wandering to new outfits for the new year. This year is all about grays. Dark gray, light gray, mid gray, bright gray, and always paired with a candy color.

So you need a new pair of jeans, and you are dreading the dressing room mirror? First of all, always remember to wear the size that fits; if that means going up a size, do it. Sacrifice your pride in your size tag, and you will look all the better for it. In fact, start with the larger size; if it fits, you won’t have to ask for the next size up. If it is too large, you get to ask for the next size down. And, for God’s sake, leave the skinny jeans on the shelf, channel your inner Katie Holmes, and grab the wide legs. SOOOO cute, sooo flattering, and MUCH more comfortable. Trouser cut are awesome, just avoid the pleats.

Things you can still use from last year: anything trapeze cut; soft sweaters and brown pants; babydoll dresses and empire-waisted tops. We are moving into a phase of more layers, but with less extravagant detail on each layer (think large solid bags instead of logo-ed, glitter-ed, buckle-ed and bling-ed large bags), and I truly believe we are only seeing the beginning of the comeback of the chunky heel. I myself am hoping for variation of cheapo Uggs for Christmas, so I will be wearing those all winter/spring.

And the most important rules of being a Frugal Diva…only buy things you love, make sure they go with more than one thing, and ALWAYS have fun with your clothes.


She Likes Purple said...

Great suggestions. You're such a pro!

Momma Bean said...

I just found you through BlogHer. You are awesome! Please, can you come shop for me? It seems that when I had the girls, I lost my inner diva! And with two toddlers, frugality is key!

Loralee Choate said...

I'm frugal. I'm a Diva.

Do you think that there is any way to get my saddle bags and flat ass to cooperate with those aforementioned qualities in the clothing department???

Rebecca is fabulous said...

Camis, camis, camis! Layering is a hot look, and one with the power to stick around. And a cami will smooth out any unwanted bulges. as for the flat tooshie...well, i have the oppisite problem, but i do know that trouser jeans of the wider legged variety have this innate talent of scuplting anyone's back door JUST RIGHT.