Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Yeah. This weight loss thing. Still kicking my butt.

I know the blame belongs solely to me, and if I really wanted it bad enough, I would do it. I just haven't found the motivation. But I think I am making strides.

See, I had a reward program set up according to percentage of weight lost. But I keep justifying things. Like, if I don't exercise, maybe I'll just eat less later. But I don't, see. I just eat what I would anyways. Dumb, I know. But that is me.

So my new rewards program is according days worked out. Every day I go for a jog, I earn one day towards my prize. They won't be consecutive, but I am aiming for 3-5 times a week. 30 days gets me a new haircut (concave bob!); 60 is my second lobe piercing; 90 is for my conch piercing (a silver ball nestled into the bowl part of your ear.)

I am hoping this will help. Because it really doesn't have to do with my weight. Obviously, the weight will come off with exercise; but I mainly want health. I want to be 50 without diabetes and arthritis. Heck, I want to be 30 without those things. I want to be active for my kids, and when they (finally :) ) move out in 18 years, I want to enjoy my time with Jason. So I need to take steps now.

so, I guess we will see what happens in 30 jogging days.

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TiAisha said...

delurking to tell you don't be so hard on yourself honey. the weight will come off when you are ready and we all know the hardest part of the battle is getting started.

you just had a baby, just became mom to two. that my dear is an EXHAUSTING task no matter how you look at it. you can't work out if you're tired from the jump. you're doing pretty good from what i've read on your blog. keep doing what you're doing, increasing the effort a little more each day/week. and keep your head up. you've got tons of people rooting for you in the background