Tuesday, June 16, 2009

4 month post, oh, hey, look, it is late AGAIN

I do love you, CJ, really. But the thing you have to learn about your mother is that she is a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to things that aren't staring her in the face. Like her blog.

You had your well-baby visit today. You are 25 inches long and 13 lbs, 11 oz. Which is about what your sister weighed at this age, but she had a couple of inches on you. I am afraid, darling, that you are going to be looking up to her for awhile.

You doctor was amazed at your muscle strength. You hold your head with nary a wiggle, you try to pull yourself up to sit. You scoot stupendously for a babe your age, and have quite the grip, my dear.

And you are still my bubbly girl. You already babble more than Vi did at 6 months, and you don't care if anyone is listening to you. But if they ARE, you reward them with your huge, open mouth grin. And if they get close enough to you, your growl slightly and attack their face with drooly, mouth-wide-open kisses.

As long as you are fed, you are content. You will hang out on a blanket on the floor, watching your sister or trying to roll over to your toy placed strategically juuuuust out of your reach. Or I will hold you up on your feet so you can dance, and you laugh and laugh and laugh.

We started feeding you brown rice cereal. It is a little early, yes, but it helps you will this slightly (very) gross spitting-up habit you have. Mama got tired of changing your clothes 6 times a day. You love LOVE the cereal. You chase the spoon, you laugh and wave and giggle, and get cereal from your ears to your toes. Sometimes (most times) I end up finding dried cereal in some nook about an hour later.

All in all, we find something new to love about you every day, whether it is your zombie tendencies or the faces you make to make Violet laugh. You are the ray of sunshine in our lives.

You have only been around 17 weeks or so, but we can't imagine life without you.

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