Thursday, March 13, 2008

Doing OK.

Writing about my miscarriage is not something I am sure about yet. First of all, there are so many wonderful people I know in the blogiverse who are either pregnant or trying, and the last thing I would want to so is scare them, to discourage them for the most beautiful thing that could ever happen to them. Second, I am not really sure how to express what I am feeling correctly.

Know that I am not angry. Know that I am quite sad, because this was a child I lost. I lost my son. I may not have had much time to bond with him, but he was mine, and I love him. But also know that I have a beautiful daughter that gives me a giant hug when things are really bad. Like just now, when she climbed over my desk chair to get to me.

Maybe someday I will write about it. Maybe someday it will make sense. But for now, this is what I focus on.


Anonymous said...

Life is not fair Becca. But we love you and are all thinking about you. And I do think that with Violet you have more than most. She is special.
You also have Kittyco. Jason doesn't buy car saran wrap. You don't have OCS Spirit Week (gag,choke)
You are a strong woman and it's going to be ok.

Loralee Choate said...

I'm so sorry about your loss. I lurk here from time to time, but wanted to peep up and say that I am so very sorry.