Thursday, January 17, 2008

So What Do We Do With the Others 23 Hours and 45 Minutes?

Bored now.

I thought when 20 Straight Days of Sex started, I would feel more like I was accomplishing something. I thought I would have this fantastic, proactive glow that would make my days shiny.

Instead, we have about 20 minutes a day when we are actively baby-making or talking about babymaking, and the other minutes are exactly the same. Oh, except for the excruciating waiting, the meticulous planning of what to do in case we conceive or in case we don't conceive, and the relentless obsession over my cervix. (Is it supposed to be high or low? If it feels like the tip of a nose, does that mean I am fertile or already pregnant? GAH!)

I have been home with an inflamed stomach since Tuesday. Which means my days eke by, until Violet gets home for daycare. I play with her or let her entertain me until bedtime, then I am bored again. I usually fill up the holes with Buffy. (I am on season 4 now, which means, YAY, more Spike, YAY, no Angel, and BLECH, enough with the stupid Initiative already.) So, basically, I am a huge nerd. Forgive me? kthanx.

On the plus side, all you internets are keeping me entertained with your postings. Keep up the good work, my ladies!

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She Likes Purple said...

Yeah, I'm with you. The waiting, it's mean, isn't it? We're on month five (or maybe six) and no kid. I'm trying desperately not to feel like Charlotte on Sex and the City.