Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day Ramblings

It is a gray day out there. Down in the normal part of the country, you may be basically guaranteed a gorgeous long weekend, but in Anchorage, it is a crapshoot. Instead of spending the day outside with a barbecue and suntan lotion, I am blogging nonsensical things and backspacing every three words to erase the periods Violet keeps entering into my writing. She just discovered she can reach the keyboard. Oh, for the lack of mobility she had a mere 6 months ago...

Actually, I prefer her up and about. She cracks me up constantly. And once you laugh, it is her mission to make you keep laughing. She will put things on her head, she will make funny noises, she will sing along to commercial jingles. I would love if she would attempt to walk on her own; but she knows she can get there faster if she crawls. She gets impatient, drops to her knees, and takes off.
I am now seriously dieting. I am always just starting a serious diet, it seems like. But...if I want to wear a smaller wedding dress than what I looking at right now, then it is time to put down the twinkie. I don't know why some people are easily and naturally thin, I have no idea how people can NOT think about food multiple times during the day...And the more obsessed I am with not eating, the more I eat, because I am thinking about is circuitous...None of this is new or revolutionary...I know that the majority of people who are overweight have thought this. I know that food is an addiction, and I am trying to treat it as such...the hard part is, when an alcoholic is going through detox, they don't have to have three drinks a day in order to live. Ok, they may feel like it, but it is not necessary.
Anyways, today is dreary and has no focus, and now my blog is starting to sound the same way. I'll sign off now, before I drive myself to boredom...

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