Tuesday, April 28, 2009


yes, well. um. I've been busy?

The past two days have conspired against me. first was the need for coffee yesterday, only there was no sugar free flavouring...and one can't drink coffee without that, right?
Then i was asked to speak talking to a 6th grade class about life in Alaska, got home an hour after our usual lunch time, and ended up splitting a microwave pizza with Violet (though that ended up being under 300 calories). And though I only ate one serving for dinner, I ate the other serving at midnight while feeding carli.

And today, well. crap. had the no calorie coffee today, but then it went downhill. actually, uphill in the sense that we were given (FREE!) a washer and dryer, downhill in the sense that i hadn't eaten by 1, so had a chocolate bar and a diet coke for lunch. then my perfectly healthy roast and farmer's market veggies turned out so horrific, it could only be consumed with gravy.

I did have light popcorn for snack, though!


I am living, luckily, with the Scarlett O'Hara motto: "Tomorra is anotha day..."

In the meantime, have a couple of adorable pictures.


Anonymous said...

1. Calorie Free food is NOT food.
2. Sugar-free sweetener is poison.
3. Processed foods are full of transfats and chemical preservatives = more poison.
4. Microwaved food is stripped of its nutrients.
5. Diet Coke = Aspartame = bigtime poison.
6. Popcorn is genetically modified; I won't call it poison but I don't trust it either.

Summation: You are starving yourself to death, even while struggling to keep your weight down. This is the irony of the "SAD" (Standard American Diet). You get fat and malnourished at the same time. Eventually some virus or germ comes along and your body won't be able to fight it because your natural resistance will be depleted. The best thing you ate yesterday was the chocolate. - assuming you don't have diabetes (yet). I hope you feed your kids better than you feed yourself.

She Likes Purple said...

Man, it's nice and easy to sit on one's high horse FROM BEHIND THEIR COMPUTER SCREEN and with an ANONYMOUS handle.

Also, I love Diet Coke. I drink it daily. I don't feel remotely bad about it, either.