Monday, June 16, 2008


I had no idea what kind of father Jason would be.

I knew he was a man who conquered an addiction to meth and alcohol.

I knew he was a man who traveled from the small town in Iowa where he has always lived to Alaska, for the sole purpose of improving his life.

I knew he was a man who was charming and funny, sarcastic and adorable.

I didn’t know he would cry when our daughter was born.

I didn’t know he would change as many diapers as I have.

I didn’t know he would let me sleep in on the weekend, and take care of the
baby all by himself.

I didn’t know he would stay by my side through nearly a year of postpartum craziness.

I didn’t know he would dote on Violet’s every action.

I didn’t know he would allow himself to be wrapped around her finger.

I didn’t know he would be as upset about shots as she was.

I didn’t know he would dance around the living room in princess dress-up with her.

I didn’t know he would teach her the alphabet song.

I didn’t know he would become such an amazing father.

I love you, Jason dear. Happy Father’s Day.


Suburban Kamikaze said...

I think I love you too Jason.


ihearthayden said...

Someday I'll find a guy who loves me like that. For now, I'll admit to being wildly jealous. I love you both!

Anonymous said...

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Jilly said...

Oh my god, Rebecca, you just made me cry like an idiot on a Thursday morning before work. Love you.